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twelve days of Christmas matching game - printable kit


Image of twelve days of Christmas matching game - printable kit

12 Days remain until Christmas!
In our homes, our little ones are counting the days. We've created a little game to play throughout this season.
Perfect for traveling, to play on Christmas Eve, as a stocking stuffer or party favor, or a way to give a little something to all the children on your list. Our 12 illustrated cards can also adorn gifts, be hung as ornaments or used as coloring pages. We've also included a set of gift tags you can print and use with all your Christmas gifts. Our 12 Days of Christmas Matching Game can be printed from home and with a few materials, packaged beautifully. We hope this bit of Christmas fun brings you so much joy.
Shanna & Cecelia

You will need:
a paper cutter (preferred) or scissors
card stock
poster board or chip board (available at Michael's)*
spray adhesive
muslin bag
baker's twine or ribbon

* If you don't have card stock on hand and would rather make this right
away, while you’re cozy indoors, you can use two pieces of card stock,
even a bit of heavy wrapping paper to the card stock backing. Game pieces
without poster board may not last until next year but will still be just
as loved.

Additional uses:
Use as a counting tool - print the number of cards that correspond to
each image. For example, print 1 partridge, 2 turtle doves, 3 French
hens, etc. Use as a calendar - hang all 12 cards on a line of string
or ribbon with color pins, take a card down for each day until Christmas.
Or, you can also use the cards to count forward, following the traditional
meaning of the 12 days - have Christmas day be day 1 until January 6th,
the 12th day. Add a card per day for all 12 days. Play Go Fish - experiment
with printing the cards on different colored paper, printing each page 2
times. “Do you have any green drums?” etc.

- This item has been made in collaboration with my dearest friend, Cecelia Hayes. Her illustrations have brought this special gift to life. Cecelia's illustrations are such an inspiration to me, I hope you'll take a moment to enjoy her beautiful work, here:

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