How To

Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals

How To

How to apply decal:

Location: Decals look and adhere best to walls with little to no
texture, but will work on slightly textured walls.

Placement: While the vinyl layer is still stuck to the back paper,
place decal on wall with low-tack masking tape at the left and right
sides (you can use the tape on the back of your decal package, if you
wish). Make any adjustments needed to ensure proper placement
now. The decals can’t be repositioned once stuck! Measure twice,
stick once, if you will.

Installation: With masking tape still holding up the decal, begin to
carefully peel away the back paper from the decal at the top center,
moving outward - first on one side, and then the other. Once the top
section has been removed press the decal to your surface leaving top
paper on. Repeat this step below the masking tape line until all
backing paper has been removed.

Leaving the top paper on, carefully use included applicator to
smooth out decal and secure to wall. Gently remove top paper in
small sections. If an area of the decal is not releasing from the top
paper press the top paper back on wall and smooth over again with
application tool. Continue this step until all top paper is removed.
Voila! Your wall is now happy!

To Remove: Use fingernail to peel up slowly in small sections. If you
encounter resistance use heat setting on hair dryer to soften
adhesive, then gently peel back to remove. Use warm water and a
color-fast soft towel to wipe wall clean of residue.